About Us


Rusty Nail WA Pty Ltd is a new company formed in 2006 from an existing building business originally operated by Darrell Playle as a sole trader. During this year Darrell won the” HIA Renovation Of the” Year award for the South West Region Darrell Playle has been a registered builder since 1985 and a carpenter for 30 years. The reason for the change in structure is to promote a more professional image and to provide a more robust business structure. Darrell’s experience is varied across many sectors of the industry from general carpentry to company management, incorporating both middle level and top management. In recent years Darrell has become proficient in computer drafting and is now able to offer to 3D design service to our clients for their building projects as well as to the general public.

General Philosophy

Our philosophy has been formed from both Darrell’s generation of carpenters and from Darrell’s time spent learning his trade in a unique building environment. As a result we strive to deliver a high standard of workmanship and service that is sometimes overlooked in our busy environment. We are most definitely “old school” in that we believe in the importance of keeping quality and sound construction paramount compared to speed of construction. We ensure that you will only deal with one person from the start to the completion in all matters concerning your project and will find our tradesmen very friendly and easy to deal with.


The market niche that we target is the 3rd to 4th home buyer that intends to live in their new house for some considerable time or alternatively likes there existing house and location preferring to renovate. We also cater for the family holiday home sector from the beach bungalow to high end luxury homes. Most of our clients are aged from 45 years up and can afford to design and build a house to suit their requirements. We do not have any intention of entering or of operating in the project home sector.


We believe that our being able to offer a unique service to our clients sets us apart from our competitors. We do not have a lot of competition as we offer a “hands on builder” service and we also do our own design /drafting work. This enables us to be a one stop service where a client can sit down and design their project with the person that will actually construct it. During the whole building process they only deal with one person.

Operating Plan

Most of our contracts are performed utilising a cost plus arrangement. The benefits of operating this way are:

  • Allows clients to control their budgets as the building progresses, and
  • Promotes good cash flow for our business as contracts are billed on a monthly basis
  • Negates the need for debt financing as creditors are essentially funded directly from progress billings.

As we deal with our clients on a daily basis, any issues that arise are dealt with and resolved, ensuring good business relations during the project.

Future Growth

As we believe that we are operating in our niche market we have no plans to expand our scale of operations. Any future expansion would only be considered once the business is on a sound financial footing, and only then if the integrity and philosophy of the business is maintained.


You can find us at 65C Strelly Street in Busselton Western Australia. We primarily service the Busselton and Dunsborough region. Work in other areas is dependent on our workload and type of project required.


We are members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and The Chief Architects Users Group Western Australia (CAUGWA).